Stammerings is an original rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina, consisting of four young, passionate musicians with 40+ years′ combined musical experience. The band got its beginnings in the fiery depths of Mt. Doom, otherwise known as Warren Sharp′s garage, when a few shreds of tunes became fully-fledged upbeat rock songs that needed a band to give flesh to the bones.

The band that is now known as Stammerings has gone through several names and cast changes throughout the years, but has currently settled on a four-piece lineup consisting of Warren Sharp (vocals, guitar), Dillon D′Ambrosio (guitar, vocals), Chandler Hays (bass), and Ryan Masecar (drums, vocals). Together, these four musicians combine their talents to create an ever-developing dynamic rock show that leaves crowds impressed and entertained.

The sound of Stammerings is influenced by music from all times and all parts of the world. Start with a high-energy rock band - Incubus, Rush, Foo Fighters, Coheed & Cambria; add the ear-catching chord structures and musical freedom of jazz - Miles Davis, Branford Marsalis; a dash of ethereal breadth - Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead; and top it off with enough energy to power the free world for at least thirty minutes at a time. Live shows range from odd-time jazz forms to dark tribal hymns to full-out metal, though most tunes are upbeat, memorable rock tunes.

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